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30th March 2019 – BOOK NOW!

FREE Bhangra-Bolly-Hiphop Workshop

Bolly-Lock & Bhangra Hiphop Workshop
Date: 30th March 2019
Time: 15:30 – 17:00
Venue: Danceworks

(16 Balderton Street, London, W1K 6TN‬)

FREE BOLLYWOOD HIPHOP WORKSHOP by Emiko Jane Ishii To celebrate the month of International Women’s Day!!

Dance to Empower ….
By coming to this workshop you will:
*Learn a unique Indian hiphop routine
*Be pushed and inspired through dance
*Strengthen your skills and technique
*Enjoy the vibe with other passionate dancers

Past Bootcamps

Watch our bootcamp videos and photos!

[envira-link id=”2498″]MJ bollylock with Emiko Jane Ishii[/envira-link]

bollylock with Emiko Ishii
December 2018

[envira-link id=”2376″]MJ Bootcamp October 2018[/envira-link]

Bolly Garba Bootcamp
October 2018

[envira-link id=”2299″]MJ Bootcamp September 2018[/envira-link]

MJ Bootcamp
September 2018

[envira-link id=”2308″]Belly Bollyheels[/envira-link]

Belly Bollyheels Bootcamp
June 2018

[envira-link id=”2312″]Kathak Bolly Bootcamp[/envira-link]

Kathak–Bolly Bootcamp
May 2018

[envira-link id=”2319″]K-bolly aka K-pop[/envira-link]

K-Bolly Bootcamp
April 2018

[envira-link id=”2350″]Hiphop Bhangra[/envira-link]

Hiphop Bhangra Bootcamp
March 2018

[envira-link id=”2324″]Bollysals Bootcamp[/envira-link]

Bollysals Bootcamp
February 2018

[envira-link id=”2328″]PT Bolly Bootcamp[/envira-link]

PT Bolly Bootcamp
January 2018

[envira-link id=”2333″]Bollywood Dance with Esha[/envira-link]

Bollywood Dance with Esha
December 2017

[envira-link id=”2343″]Bollyfusion Bootcamp[/envira-link]

Bollyfusion Bootcamp
November 2017