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Music Videos, Promo Videos & Film

Epika choreographers have almost 11 years of choreographic experience for corporate companies, music videos & film. They provide choreographers from different backgrounds of styles to cater to your criteria and will deliver unique choreography that would bring out the artist’s/director’s vision and more. Whether you book us in advance or on the day to create dynamic work we can coordinate what you require. We provide anything from dance training to movement workshops to create the right look for your particular project.

We provide Dancers, studio hire & Actors on request.

Epika Choreography

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“A big big thank you to Emiko for choreographing a contemporary Bollywood medley for us. She provided us with such innovative moves, great teaching techniques and was so and patient with us, even with bigger, easily distracted groups! She made the process a lot of fun and always had bundles of enthusiasm. We massively appreciated all your help and we could not have done this without you! The dance was a massive hit on the night! ” – Sonam, Ashna, Punam and Kajal


• Consultation to discuss your vision and concepts
• Scheduling Rehearsal dates & Studio Booking if required
• Story Board, Mood Board & Ideas workshop
• Teaching Choreography & Movement
• Instructional Video

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Weddings, Showcases, Fashion Shows

Epika provide choreography for different occasions from fashion shows, corporate functions to family performances and individual numbers that require choreography for their particular event. If you have a request for certain songs and themes please do let us know in advance.

Emiko Jane Ishii Choreo

Choreographer Emiko Jane Ishii has 11 years of choreographic experience for live stage shows, films, music videos to weddings. Her choreographic works include:

• Assistant Choreographer to Longenus Fernandez for Feature Film Bar Bar Dekho
• Assistant Dance Captain & Choreographic Team 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony NHS Nurses
• NOBU India Promotional Video
• Imaginarium at Underground Theatre
• New Years Day Parade
• Rugby 2019 Opening Conference
• Annual Sindhi Diwale Ball 2014 & 2015
• Rokeya Project – Season of Bangalore Drama
• Diwale Show at the O2 with Imperial College
• Camden Dance Festival for Various Schools 2013 – Present
• Colours of Time – Queen Olympic Park
• City Academy Showcase Laban & Sadler’s Wells
• Dance Woking With Party In the Park

Emiko Epika Weddings

Choreography Package for Wedding & Showcases

If you have particular song choices please do inform the choreographer in advance so they will come prepared to the first session ready to teach the choreography. If you require props within your performance please let us know in advance. All sessions will be preplanned to ensure an efficient and productive class to achieve a quality performance.

Wedding and Showcase PACKAGE DETAILS

• Consultation to discuss your theme, ideas & concept
• Book Classes and provide a time frame of how long you have until the performance day
• Teaching Choreography
• Provide Instructional Video of the choreography to aid your practice outside the sessions

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