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Traditional Japanese Dance (Nihon Buyo)

Nihon Buyo

Nihon Buyo is a traditional Japanese performing art, a mixture of dance and pantomime, which emerged in the early Edo Period (early 17th century) from earlier traditions. This dance is normally performed by specialists but most conspicuously known to be performed by Geisha/Geiko (female entertainers).

Our performances include: V&A Performance, Nokia 50th Anniversay, Japanese Restaurant Opening in Morocco, Japan Matsuri- London, Hyper Japan – London.

Nihon Buyo

We can provide Solo Pieces to group performances from 2-6 dancers.
If you would like more than 6 Dancers please do specify this in advance.

For more information and pricing contact us here

Performance Packages

Crane Package

20 min in full Kimono

    Solos and groups available on request

Sakura Package

30 minute in full kimono
15 – 30 minute Dance Workshop

    Solos and groups available on request

Be Japanese Package

Whether you have a function to wear Kimono or you want to learn the art of how to wear a Kimono as an individual or a group. This is an excellent chance to do a small fashion show in Kimono!

1hr – 3hrs depending on size of the group

A small, interactive workshop learning traditional Japanese dance in kimono.

For more information and pricing contact us here